Monday, November 8, 2010

Hannah and Singing!

Hello.. Wow, the whole month of Oct. went by so fast! Hard for me to believe it is already Nov. and the whole month just dr's appt. and hospital and physical therapy! I am getting better slowly, starting to drive YA!! but it is hard, but making it. I am grateful to know there is an end one day of pain w/ the body. I will be so grateful for the resurrection. I think to myself, I will not only look forward to seeing my sweet Angel, but run too her in a perfect healthy body! Lately my back has really been bothering me again. I know it is how I am walking, but I can't help it. It can get so hard, I am just grateful for a wonderful Chiropractor who is wonderful. He is even offering me a free visit this week because we just can't do two a week right now w/ medical bills yucky!

Well, on a better note.. Hannah is taking voice lessons and she loves it! We were so proud of her she gave her first recital! She sang the song Old Dan Tucker. They practice about 4 songs a semester and they can choose any song to sing but she felt more comfortable w/ that. Well, w/ my new ipod touch I recorded it, but for some reason it didn't save! I recorded her singing it before we left practicing but people have been wanting me to put it up on FB, but I would rather have it on here. So I am going to try and do it. She really has grown up the past few months being here. She isn't scared as much and helps me so much since my surgery. I am so grateful for her and Chris taking such wonderful care of me.

She also had fun trick or treating. I am going to put a picture of her up as a Cheerleader. My mom got her the cute outfit she is addicted to ebay so grateful for her for buying it. Hannah wanted her to make it,but this was so much easier and cheaper! Thanks mom.. Sorry, this picture of Hannah and Halloween can't upload for some reason.. but here is everything else..Thanks for looking everyone..

Oh..and By the Way Jonathon, Happy Birthday too you! I sure love you and thank you for being such a Wonderful brother!

Well, until next time! video

Monday, October 4, 2010

Hello, a long week

It's been a long week! I had my surgery like I wrote, and I thought things were going pretty good. Sister Anderson,(my mission mom) called to see if she could come visit me since she only lives only 5 mins. away. I told her I would love her too! She came by Tues. morning and I woke up that morning and my foot was really swollen! She came to visit me and we had a nice visit. My dr.'s nurse called, and I told her about the swelling. She said, that Dr. Green will want you to have an ultrasound. I said ok, since I was coming down tomorrow, if I can get it then. She said, sure. Well, mean while, Sister Anderson and I were visiting and I told her about my foot. She said, probably not to worry about a Blood clot because it wasn't hot. I told her that I had woken up in the night w/ really bad pain in my heal, and it woke me up the past couple of nights. She still said not to worry about it most likely, but if the Dr. nurse calls back you should tell her. We continued to visit and it was nice. I just love her and grateful for them and so nice they live so close and that she wanted to come visit me.

During our visit, the nurse did calls back. I told her about the past couple of nights and my foot pain and that it woke me up. She wanted me to she wanted me to tell the dr. I said, can't you, and she said, no you need to along w/ the swelling. So, he got on and he said, you need to go get an ultrasound right now! It could be a blood clot and you could be dead tomorrow if you wait. So, I asked Sister Anderson if she would take me down and she said yes. I didn't want Chris to come up then back down then drive us home again. We got to the hospital and during the ultrasoundist said she wont be able to tell me,but I will give you a sign if you have one. She was doing the ultrasound and in the middle of it, and gave me a funny look. So, I knew I had one. I was admitted right away. It was pretty scary. I never knew how serious a blood clot could be! I couldn't even have a pillow under my knee for my pain. I was in the hospital for two days, had blood drawn around the clock and it was hard. I missed being w/ my family. I didn't want anything to happen to me. So grateful for the priesthood, and the comfort Chris gave me that I would be ok.

I still am bed rest hopefully until tomorrow then can try and start walking on my knee! I sure miss walking and doing my every day duties. I can't drive for 5 more weeks!! I am grateful for the words during General Conference this weekend. They really were a comfort to me. I loved Elder Scott's talk, he talked about trails and tribulations and that we need to use and exercise our faith. He says that w/ our trails they make us stronger and who we are, it was a comfort to hear. I am also grateful to get my nephew's and he is on a mission. He brings me so much comfort and joy to see him on his mission serving the people of Ukraine.Sorry, about no pictures lately, I know I need to put them on.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hello again!

Hello, I am now recovering from knee surgery. They didn't need to do Knee replacement and but they still had to fix a torn tendon and my knee cap. I have to keep it still fully straight, even putting it off a pillow it is very painful, to just get up to go to the bathroom. So, grateful for my wonderful husband who takes such great care of me! He is so patient w/ me. I can't say enough about him, and so grateful to my sweet Daughter Hannah is getting to be so independent!

Last week, for FHE, she read an article out of the Friend, of Sister Barbara Thompson, second counselor in the R.S talked about her experience going to the Hill commourah,and her experience there. She told about her praying and finding out for the herself the church is true! I then expressed to Hannah she can too find out by prayer that the church is true. She said, I don't need to ask!! I already know the church is true! I am so grateful for her sweet and innocent spirit and hope she will always remember that she knows the church is true!

I think I wrote earlier that I have put her in voice lessons! I might be a little prejudice but I think she has a very good voice. Tonight, while we were talking I finally talked her into letting me record her sing, I am a Child of God. I hope I can get it on here! It is so sweet like her! Grateful her birth mother wanted to give this sweet child the gospel. I hope one day she will know how special and lucky she is by having the gospel in her life! Until next time!!


Monday, September 20, 2010

Yet Another!!

I am not sure what happened, I know I had a post on here from a couple of weeks ago but I guess I am going to rewrite what I wrote..

But, yes, It is time for yet another surgery.. My # 19th!! Hard for me to believe. I think it was my last one my sister and I figured out it is about 1 every 2 1/2 years or so. So, I am due. Last time it was my left knee, this time Right knee. I just get to be the lucky one I guess. Your knee cap is suppose to be on your knee 6 degree's longitude, mine has been 20 degrees longitude. The doctor was shocked that I hadn't been in the E.R and that it always pops back into place after popping out. He asked me like a couple of times to make sure I was correct that I never had to go to the E.R. I said, no. I am grateful for the ward I am in because they have been good and kind, they are going to bring dinner's into for me, and a friend is going to pick up Hannah from school and take her. I guess this means we are officially in the ward now, when I need help. I have been wearing the huge brace,more like on my leg to my ankle, that I have had to wear and it is really annoying because I can't bend it more then 30 degree's too. It is hard, but so grateful I can even walk, and it can be healed. Speaking of healing, last week Matt was down here working and I asked him if he would help Chris assist in giving me a blessing before my surgery. He said of course. So, he came over one evening and Chris asked me if I minded Matt giving it since he always did, (which is true..haha) and since he rarely does. I said if it was ok w/ Matt and he said of course. I had such a hard week, I had a cardiology appt to cear me for my surgery and got poked and prodded then couldn't even get a vein, and my knee was just so swollen after them draining 60 cc's of fuild out from it. So, as they gave me the blessing he Blessed me that I pain would be minimal and that I would be able to get through the next week. Also that the Dr.'s could fix the problem and there wouldn't be any repercussions after my healing. What comfort and joy it is to be able to have a blessing. All my blessings are comfort but w/ the Concentrated Oil I have a testimony of. After the blessing my swelling went down w/in a day or two and I feel better! I even think, wow, do I really need the surgery right now or can I put it off? I know in my heart I do but so grateful for the power of the priesthood, and that my husband and cousin honor and is willing to bless my life! Greatful for my Savior that gives me the strength to live day to day and that I can one day be completely free of pain and be w/ my family Eternally!

Hannah is so enjoying second grade. I am sorry about no pictures, I just have been bad lately. I have put her in voice lessons and she loves it! She sings all day long. I hope to record her while she isn't looking so I can somehow put it on here. Until next time..

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Happy 40th Birthday

I again, know I have really been bad this, but I guess sometimes is better than never!! I just wanted to wish my husband today a very Happy Birthday! We are so blessed to have him in our lives! He is so caring and loving and gentle and works so hard and grateful he was born today!

I can't believe I haven't written all summer. We were able to go to California this summer and have a lot of fun. We got to see so many of my family members I haven't seen in so long, my cousin and I figured out we hadn't seen each other in 21 years and they are first cousins. I got to see my yiayia, and my brother whom I haven't seen in a long time! We were able to go to my friend Sunni's wedding who was so wonderful to go to! She and her husband Brock got married in the same ceiling room that we got married in. It was so neat to be there and witness and the wonderful spirit which we felt there. It is hard to believe just this summer Chris and I celebrated our 13 yrs together. We have been so blessed to w/ two beautiful girls special in there own way. When I get pictures from Sunni, I will post some.

Also, some fun news my nephew Tyler left for the Ukraine. He is doing so well. I am so proud of him and love him so much!

I guess I am going backwards, Hannah started the second grade. She loves her school and teacher. She is in our ward and friends w/ a few of the kids already it is so nice to see! She plays so much everyday w/ friends and it is just a blessing to live in St. George!

One last thing, this last weekend we went to our county fair. It was so much fun! Hannah and I rode a Ferris wheel together. It was really a lot of fun. To bad we only had my camera phone and at the time, couldn't download pictures..

Well, again Happy Birthday to my sweet husband. I sure love you and you bless my life in so many words that can describe! I love you!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ivin's Utah!!

Yes, It has been awhile again..I never promised I would be good at this and the sad thing, I have always kept a journal and for the past year or so I have been so bad at that!! We are settled now, for the most part so hopefully I can get better!

We have now lived here for three months even though we miss North Carolina, especially our friends and ward we love it here!! We love our new home! We love our neighborhood and it is so weird to get use to our ward being not 20 min. or so from one end to the ward to another, but having our ward only being a few blocks! I already received a new calling. My scariest calling ever I thought I would have is second counselor in the Relief Society!! I had my first ever enrichment this past Tuesday and it went great thanks to Laura. We made homemade cards and she did so much work!! It was fun to see the finished project!

Hannah is doing GREAT! She loves school! She loved her teacher she ended up w/ this year here in Red Mountain Elementary! She did really great. I am so proud of her and her reading and spelling. Her math is doing great too. So, grateful for her and the fun she is in our life. She has found out she has a love for Hiking! One of the first weekends we were here we went to Snow Canyon,which is almost in our back yard and she loved it! We went w/ cousins of ours and she just had a blast.

Since, our adventure to Snow Canyon, we have been to Zion's and just today Grand Canyon!! It was so much fun! So, grateful to be by all these wonderful national parks!! I grew up in S.Calif, and sad to say I haven't been to any of these. Grateful for my husband who grew up going on road trips and it is fun we can do it in a day!!

Since we have moved in we got our yard done. That was my Mother's day present which is wonderful!!

I sure love my friends in NC, and miss them terribly but so grateful to be near home and close to family! I am grateful for the phone and Facebook to be able to stay in touch really well!! Thanks for keeping track of our outings and adventures..Life is good!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


For those who wouldn't think I would ever update again I am.. So, much as gone on the past six months I feel bad that I haven't written sooner! I will try and get better again over the next few months..

As most of you know we are moving to St. George, Utah!! This has been my dream for so long to move there. I have only ever driven through it over the years growing up but I love Utah but wanted to be different and not live in central Utah I call it. I have lived in Provo, and Layton but wanted to try something new. SO, when this job opportunity came for us we prayed and it felt right to take the chance w/ Chris' job to be transferred. From then on everything has fallen into place!! I remember a few years ago after Alyssa died I would receive blessings stating blessings would Poor among us.. Never understood until now!! We sold our house in two months. The first one in the neighborhood in a year. We went out to look for a home in ST. George then it was the last one we saw!! We loved it, bank countered and we got it!! We needed a place to live for three weeks, until we were able to move and we have wonderful friends that are letting us stay in there place for two three weeks until we move! Also, Hannah wont be missing school! The week we move Hannah will be in spring break so wont be missing any school!

I am so grateful for my heavenly father. We always need to learn patients which I am forever learning,but grateful for when he knows when it is best we just need to believe all will work out!

I am going to miss Charlotte! This has been our home for 9 yrs. We love everyone here. This is all Hannah knows and she will have an adjustment period but know we will be back and visit! I want Hannah to always know this was her first home! She is a true Southern Belle and want to love and appreciate what she had here too. We love you all!!

I wanted to put pictures on of our house but it isn't working for some reason. I will try again later.. I just can't believe I finally posted again!!